Gardenscapes Intro

Gardenscapes Intro

The opening video introduction is where the story takes place in Gardenscapes. It's a small introduction of the storyline.

Synopsis Edit

The first part is told in a second point of view. You long for life outside the city then you get a letter from Austin where you find out your great-uncle has died and that you inherited his mansion and garden. You then go to the mansion.

Transcript Edit

You live in a large city

Busy streets, crowds of people and never-ending traffic...

You start dreaming of trees growing outside your windows, and singing birds...

One day you get a letter.

Hello my name is Austin

I'm your great uncle's butler

You have inherited his beautiful mansion and a lovely garden.

Come see the place. I'm sure you'll love it!


Without a moment of hesitation you go there...


  • This video used to be an advertisement for Gardenscapes.