Obstacles are some brain busters challenge that always have an advantage or not.

Obstacle Description Icon
Gnomes A hidden object used to achive victory

if all gnomes found

Leaves An overlaying layers that used to hide gnomes
Chains A locked obstacle that can be removed with

single match

Acorns A solid moveable object that breaks on either

matches, Power-ups and Rainbow blast

Boxes A solid overlaying object that breaks next to matches 

and Power-ups

Color Boxes A solid overlaying object that breaks next to matches

of the same color and Power-ups

Ice Cubes A solid overlapping object that can only be moved by casades
Lemonades An object used to achieve victory if all glasses reach the bottom
Stones A dense obstacle that can be weaken by Power-ups

and removed with matches again

Statues A dense obstacle that can be removed by Power-ups up to 3 times
Wall An unremovable object that blocks moves but 

still make matches

Honey An ever expanding obstacles that covers objects and Power-ups
Honey Jar A fragile object that spawns honey it lands
Honeycomb An unremovable object that spawns honey
Ivys An ever expanding layers that could also snare 2 objects if not


Stream Lilies A moving layer that moves every time you make matches
Lily Buds A unlockable layer that either opens permanengly

or shuts if you make matches

Lawnmowers A unlockable object that removes anything in its path if

the required color is accomplish

Firecrackers A object that targets 3 places when matches to certain color
Boomboxes An unremoveable 2x2 object that remove a single layer

off the board if all colors matched next to it