In Gardenscapes- New Acres, as said in the page Missions, match-3 levels give you stars as a reward once they are completed. Well, this is the page you should be using to find out more information on one of the main aims of Gardenscapes- New Acres: The match-3 levels. The match-3 levels require matching 3-6 of the same objects which are berries, apples, leaves and water droplets and collecting them or discovering garden gnomes. Remember you don't have to use the entire board. If you can follow in a specific area to win, do so so it will be easier to win.

When collecting the fruits, water and leaves, they are collected by matching 3+ of the certain objects in a row to add on your collection in order to win.

When finding the garden gnomes remember that if you wanna win, try matching 3-6 in a row in the areas where there is thin grass. There are a few levels of grass in the game: the lighter green, extra thick and the thinner dark green grass. The lighter grass tiles are cleared with 2 matches, but turn to the darker green after the first match. You can see the white garden gnomes through the the thin areas of the dark-green grass tiles; when trying to find them, match lighter-green grass tiles once and then peek to see if they are underneath. It's sort of like the board game Battleships: you should see a gnome, know what direction it is facing and even find its size just by looking at a few dark-green tiles nearby.

Bear in mind that if you fail a level in which you have to find garden gnomes, the next time you replay that level, the gnomes won't be in the same location. There is almost always more grass than gnomes and the gnomes can potentially be found in any section of the grass, so don't put all your effort digging in the same tiles of grass as last time- rediscover the gnomes by clearing strategic sections of the board to figure out where they've gone to.

Power ups are special goods that are earned when matching 4-7 objects in a row. Match 4 objects in a row to create a firecracker. If you swap a firecracker with another object, it will destroy all objects within an one-piece-radius if it has been swapped with another piece. Match 5 objects of the same type to create a bomb power up. Double tap the bomb or swap it with another piece. A bomb's explosion is much larger than a firecracker's and will destroy all pieces within a two-piece radius. Bombs can also be formed with a 't' or 'l' shape of the same pieces. Matching 6 pieces will give you dynamite. Double tap it or swap it with another object to destroy pieces within the three-tile radius. If you want to make a massive explosion that destroys nearly half of the board match 7 objects in a row to make TNT. The rainbow blast charges each time a power up explodes. Keep exploding power ups to fully charge it. Once charged, it drops into a random area on the game board. When it is swapped with a piece, all the pieces of that kind will be removed, but bot for good. If you swap power ups with power ups even bigger explosions will occur and will also sharge the rainbow blast faster. In fact, the rainbow blast can be charged and used multiple times!

If you fail a level, before you lose you will be given the option for 900 coins to continue playing. However, you will only be given only five extra moves so only use 900 coins if you know you can win the game in five or less more moves. We recommend that if you are counting on a lucky drop, do not buy the offer. Also you can't see the board when the continue so when you are low on moves since you have a limited number of moves, so pay attention on going on and see if you can win in five or less moves.

Like many map-based match-3 levels, Gardenscapes- New Acres progresses level-by-level. However, unlike other match-three levels, you will only ever have access to your current stage. You can only play the level you are currently on and cannot revisit previous stages or skip levels. This means there's no way to grind for coins; you will only get coins from a stage once you have completed it and moved onto the next one. But anyway you won't get much coins from winning levels even with a really strong finish and you'll rarely get more than 75 coins for winning levels and you will only earn 50 coins for just finishing.

And luckily, you don't need to worry if you are stuck on a really hard level because Playrix: the gardenscapes company has a youtube channel for gardencapes. Playrix takes note on which levels players are struggling on and often releases videos of those levels being completed on the Gardenscapes Official Youtube channel. Since match-3 boards are inevitably affected by randomness you won't necessarily see the exact way to beat a stage, but it can be helpful to see if they focus on the bottom half of the board, blowing up obstacles, or some other feat in particular. New video hints are announced in game accesible via the gear in the upper-right corner.